About ericandabbie

If you were to stumble into the Starbucks at Hawthorne and Montrose on any given Sunday at 11am, you’d see many, many men. You’d also see ericandabbie slaving over the New York Times’ weekly puzzle apex: the Sunday Crossword. With coffees in hand and a fruit, nut, and cheese plate on reserve in the back, we tackle the behemoth while abiding to our finely tuned house rules:

1. No smart phones, no phone-a-friends, no outside help of any kind. Frequent guests, Starbucks employees, and random patrons who happen to be eavesdropping and know the answer to the clue are all fair game.

2. Pens only; pencils are for pussies.

3. Always assume that Will Shortz has made a mistake.

4. The crossword is done when Rex Parker (http://rexwordpuzzle.blogspot.com/) has been checked.

During our many months of Sunday crosswording, we’ve noticed that NYT errors are inevitable and sometimes unforgiveable and deserve to be mocked; we’ve learned more about the singer Brian Eno than we ever, ever thought we would; and finally, we’ve discovered that most times, our answers to the NYT crossword far surpass the “correct” ones.

This blog is not for those who finish the crossword in 15min. And it’s certainly not for anyone who gets offended by some passionate cursing aimed at the Times’ puzzle gods. It is for the everyman: the ones who stare at the puzzle for two hours because they don’t know that BEY was the title given to the first three rulers of the Ottoman empire; the folks who wish that, just once, their  vast knowledge of Snooki’s hijinks on the Jersey Shore will score them an answer in 18D;  the average joes who live with the dream that one day, maybe one day, they’ll beast Will Shortz.

Inspired by you, fellow struggling Sunday warriors, we chronicle our weekly gauntlet.

One Response to “About ericandabbie”

  1. Hey, ericandabby,
    I just discovered your website doing a search for “adze” + “shop dresser.” I love it! I usually do my crosswords by myself on the computer and use wikipedia or other searches when I get stuck.
    You sound pretty young to me, or am I old? I never knew there were gay Starbuckses, and only learned about Rickrolling from the puzzle. I did know, however, about Asta. Whenever the clue is “Movie dog” and the answer is 4 letters long, the answer has to be ASTA or TOTO.
    I like your post about PEEDEE, the river in North Carolina. When I was in Hawaii (lucky me!), I found that there is a place called Pe’e Pe’e Falls. Lots of jokes about that, too. Sadly, it’s pronounce “peh-eh peh-eh)
    Keep up this important work. Somebody has to.

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