Included Herewit (05-15-2011)

This week’s blog is brought to you by 42A: Hit show with New Directions singers (GLEE).  Question: Has anyone jumped off a building in an attempt to defy gravity?  Was Wicked and/or Glee sued for this attempt?  We don’t know, but we bet the answer is yes.  People these days are, well, stupid.  In other news, BenJed was in town this weekend and he brought his expertise to the puzzle, which resulted in us STILL NOT GETTING BEER AND SKITTLES.  DAMMIT BENJED!  It’s okay though.  We believe that BenJed did everything he possibly could, but, what with John being there too, there’s only so much you can do.  Two wrong today.  In conclusion: BenJed is great.  John sucks.


Speaking of sucking, Cathy Allis wrote a pretty good puzzle and ruined it with a TERRIBLE theme.  Today’s theme was to drop the “th” sound and convert it to a “t” sound like Cousin Vinny (remember that movie!?  Neither do we) thereby creating a terrible pun as in 24A: Salt Lake City athlete’s dear hawk mascot? (SWEET BIRD OF UTE) which is a pun on Sweet Bird of Youth, a play by Tennessee Williams that you’ve never heard of.  (Fun Fact: Tennessee Williams choked to death on the cap of a bottle of eye drops he used.  Sorry.  Did we say ‘fun?’)  So, let the festivities begin…


  • 74A: Baseball : Oriole ∷ Football : _____ (RAVEN).  Did you know that the Baltimore Ravens were named after Edgar Allan Poe’s poem?  No, not Lenore.  It’s named after The Raven.  It’s true.  They’re the only pro sports organization named after a poem.  In keeping with their roots, they only play intellectual juggernauts like Ray Lewis (please don’t kill us).
  • 120A: Org. in a big race of years past (NASA).  Fuck Russia.
  • 1A: Jewish grandma (BUBBE).  A puzzle with both NASA and Jews in it!  Cathy Allis is a rockstar!
  • 98A: What we may be? (ROYAL).  As in the “royal we!”  Very clever clue!  (Note to Dianne: Your daughter does not know what the “royal we” is.  We have obviously failed her.)
  • 94A: Wordy (PROLIX).  Not a highlight for obvious reasons (we got this one wrong).  It’s a highlight because according to, prolix derives from pro-liqui, which means “for liquor”, and, by extension, “given to speaking or writing at great or tedious length.”  Now that’s a word.


  • 52A: Train part where sorting was once done (MAIL CAR).  Too soon.  Ultimately this clue had nothing to do with the Holocaust, but for a second there we were like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  • 119A: Many a Bush military advisor (NEOCON).  Based on _ E _ _ _ _ we put in YESMAN.  Even though it turned out not to be the right answer, we have now associated the New York Times with calling all of Bush’s Cabinet “yesmen” on the Internet.  Dear Glenn Beck: you’re welcome.
  • 38D: Interjection of disinterest (MEH).  Really?  Meh?  That’s the word you came up?
  • 84A: Former SoCal N.F.L. team (L.A. RAMS).  Only a mistake because we looked back at it halfway through the puzzle and went: Shit!  Something is wrong in the middle!  What the hell is a laram?

    Are we crazy? Or is that not a crater?

  • 40D: Home of Punchbowl Crater (OAHU).  Apparently Hawaiians are easily confused between craters and not craters. 



The moral of the story is that Beer and Skittles is still on hold.  But we can almost taste it.  We’re going to dump a bag of skittles in a pitcher of beer and then drink / chew on it.  It doesn’t sound delicious, but apparently it’s fun.

2 Responses to “Included Herewit (05-15-2011)”

  1. Christopher Says:

    Youtes tese days…

    • spedwig Says:

      I too thought of yesmen. Then I thought I was super-clever: kept on… because a lot of them were… alas, that (along with shunt rather than stent) really messed up Vinny:

      table or boph?

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