Working in Opposition (05-08-2011)

Our Fellow Americans:

Tonight, we can announce to the American people, and to the world, that ericandabbie have attempted the NY Times crossword puzzle, and, finally… no wait, again… failed to reach Beer and skittles.  In retrospect, we don’t know why we called this press conference.  Just seemed like the thing to do this week.  Puzzle below…


Kinda crappy puzzle.  Not as bad as Paula, but Daniel A. Finan… don’t quit your day job.  The theme was lame.  Remember when you were four and you loved naming opposites?  No?  Just Eric?  Well.  It’s not fun now anyways.  The theme answers include 23A: Capris? (LONG SHORTS), 38A: Pre-2004 purchase from GM? (NEW OLDS), and 121A: Best-looking rear ends? (TOP BOTTOMS).  Note: We puzzle at a gay Starbucks.  Eric, quote, we should make a gay joke.  Abbie: I mean, there are probably a lot of ‘top bottoms’ in here.  Eric: 66D: How some practical jokes go (TOO FAR).


  • 107A: Rick who sang “Never Gonna Give You Up” (ASTLEY).  NY Times apparently just caught up to the fad of rick rolling.  That was so 2008. (

    Why does this picture exist? It's so good!

  • 79A: Famous answer giver (TREBEK).  Trebek is great.  Except that Lars said he was a creeper.  True story.  He asked if she went to football games topless.  Which, if you know the context, still only sorta makes sense.
  • 44A: “Spaceballs” and the like (SPOOFS).  Why isn’t it spooves?  Leaves… knives… lives… calves… (Abbie wants ‘strives’ on the list as the plural of ‘strife.’  For the record, it is not.)  Abbie was just trying to help because she just wants to talk about “Spaceballs.”  It’s a good, real good movie, y’all.


  • It wasn’t fun.  Nothing clever.  We had to make our own fun this week.  See, for example, 121A.  Abbie: Seriously.  There are [counting] two girls in this Starbucks right now.
  • 20D: Doo-wop syllable (SHA).  Doo = acceptable.  Wop = acceptable.  Other = not doo-wop, therefore not a doo-wop syllable.  This is so fucking simple, Will Shortz.
  • Nothing about moms.  Will Shortz apparently has some issues to work out with his Mama.  We had a theme puzzle for a lunar eclipse, but we can’t get one for moms.  My goodness.  $20 we get one for Father’s Day.  Pig.
  • 32A: Southern city known as the Horse Capitol of the World (OCALA).  Horse Capitol of the World?  More like Glue Capitol of the World!  Am I right!?

    Remember this guy? Abbie doesn't.

  • 91A: B and O, for presidents #43 and #44? (LAST INITIALS).  In this week’s edition of Abbie knows it right-off the bat but Eric doesn’t believe her for a couple hours (AKIROTBBEDBHFACH for short), that happened.  Also, Abbie wasn’t going to mention it, but she was confused because ‘B’ is not the initial of Clinton.  Abbie: I blocked Bush out… okay!?
  • 33D: Part of L.A. (LOS)  The only positive about this is that, unlike “Chess opener?” and “Garage opener?” (CEE and HARD G, respectively), we got this one.  No push-ups for us!  Still.  Will Shortz.  Drop and give us 20!  (PS – Paula… 40!)
  • 88D: Windblown soil (LOESS)  Who knew that had a name?  The Greeks had 64 words for love.  We’ve got one for windblown soil.  Suck on that Socrates  (PS – The Romans had a word for “Have anal sex with me and, oh by the way, you will be the one taking it up the butt.”  Those Romans were efficient.  Also, only one word for love.  But, I mean, we think this one pretty much means love anyway.  In conclusion, two words for love in Latin.)

To all the moms reading this (presumably just Claire and Dianne), thanks for sticking with us after what was, admittedly, a pretty anal sex heavy post.  We’re pretty pumped about the Google hits we’re going to pick up this week.  A crossword loving demographic that we have so far missed… anywho.  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! 

Never gonna give you up,

PS – Never gonna let you down

2 Responses to “Working in Opposition (05-08-2011)”

  1. Dianne Says:

    Gee, thanks for the Mother’s Day wishes and yea, I’ll be mad if there’s a Father’s Day theme – it’s not like they give birth!!

  2. Whoa. Just realized I got a shout-out. I’m honored and I miss you guys!


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