Triple Bonds (04-03-2011)

Finally, a puzzle about Chemistry!  Oh, shit.  JK.  It’s just three words that shouldn’t really go together.  Although, a CAT FOOD FIGHT would be hot.  This puzzle was pretty easy, and we only made three mistakes.  Beer and skittles party is still TBA.  But, seriously, it will be on a Sunday.  Soon.  There was some fun fill which almost made-up for the stupidness of the theme.  Overall, it wasn’t a bad hour, so, you know, no regrets.  That said, obviously, we have some bitching to do.  Let’s get to it…



  • 22D: “Ashkenazi, for one” (JEW).  Yes!  It’s a Jew!  Abbie just pointed that it ends in “nazi”.  Wow.  Buzzkill.  I can’t believe the anti-Semitism in this puzzle.  Un-fucking-believable‼
  • 90A: “Style of chicken” (SZECHWAN).  How often does Szechwan make it into a puzzle?  We don’t know, but it’s a great word.  We don’t agree with the spelling (we eat a lot of bad Chinese… i.e. Eric is a Jew) but thankfully we got the ‘w’ from Brian’s knowledge of obscure and non-useful trivia.  See below for more of Brian kicking ass and taking names.
  • 21A: “‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ Band” (BON JOVI).  OOOOOOOOOOH.  WE’RE HALFWAY THE-ERE. OOOOO-OOOOOOOOH.  LIVIN’ ON A PRA-AYER.  Also, this is Eric’s favorite song on Rock Band 2.  He gets gold stars every time.
  • 26A: “Neo, for one” (ANAGRAM).  OMG!  Cuz he’s the ONE!  Who knew!?  (The eavesdropping Starbucks employee who go really mad at us for not knowing.)
  • 38D: “Reciprocal Fibonacci Constant” (PSI).  So, way back before the blog, ericandabbie were discussing the Golden Ratio (it was in a puzzle).  Abbie thought it was pi over two (which, to be fair, it sort of is).  But, it actually has its own number.  The guy at the table next to us was eavesdropping and happened to be a math professor, and he told us the answer was PSI.  Fast-forward to April 3rd, BOOM!  Roasted!
  • 127A: “They might be crossed” (SWORDS).  In 2006, John (Hey John!) and Eric did a treasure hunt challenge in Washington, D.C. and the final clue revolved around crossed swords.  Good memories!  Also, one of the clues was centered on eating a coconut-flavored fortune cookie.  That was fun day, John.  Wow.
  • 40D: “Suffix with drunk” (ARD).  Abbie wanted “ee”, but we accept.
  • 89D: “‘___ Bangs’ (Ricky Martin hit)” (SHE).  Not his best song (Livin’ La Vida Loca), and William Hung kind of ruined it, but still.  Ricky Martin.
  • 5D: “Cross-country skiing” (LANG LAUF).  Brian saved the day.  Raise your hand if you knew that answer.  Exactly.  B did.  He showed up late, got LANG LAUF, and then pretty much chilled while ericandabbie finished things up.  He’s not Kobe, but he’s a solid sixth man off the bench.


  • 5D: “Cross-country skiing” (LANG LAUF).  What the fuck!?  That’s not a word.  Jesus.
  • 14D: “Bean” (CONK)  Actual conversation that JUST happened…

Abbie: No.  It sucks.  Cuz you can get conked in the head…
Eric: OMG!  That’s it!
Abbie: Oh.  Bean is a verb!
ericandabbie: It’s still stupid though.

  • 114A: “Hooded jackets” (ANORAKS).  They’re called ‘hoodies’.  (Note: We googled it.   It’s real.  But it’s probably for colder places, so that’s super unfair.  What is this?  Written in New York?)
  • 58A: “Idiots” (YOYOS).  Really?  You wasted a great answer on that clue?  Yo-yos are fantastic and could be clued fantastically.  You suck.  We had (_O_OS) and were pumped for BOZOS.  Just disappointing.
  • 102A: “Hero” (HOAGY).  Great answer.  Great clue.  Terrible spelling.  It has an “i-e” (because that’s how you spell awesomely… suck it Abby with a ‘y’).  Wikipedia opens its sub-section of submarine sandwiches with the HOAGIE spelling.  Ipso facto, done. 

Not one of our bitchier posts.  Pretty solid.  Good to see Brian.  Way to go Butler!  You’re hot Brad Stevens.  Shaka Smart is a tool.  And Kemba Walker is great.  Pumped for tomorrow night‼  (Abbie’s not.  Basketball is lame.  Only five months until Ohio State is back in action minus five players and one sweater vest.  Our year, Bucks!)

ericandabbie, Continuing the Quest for Beer and Skittles!

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    In my opinion, it is an interesting question, I will take part in discussion. :-)

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