For Your Edification (03-06-2011)

So, right off the bat let’s notice that Will Shortz changed the font for the crossword (KIND OF LIKE HOW WE CHANGED OUR SITE!!).  It’s awful (but hopefully you feel differently about our change…).  The whole page is laid out like it’s the 80s.  It’s so bad (said in Abbie’s Minnesotan accent).  Also, this puzzle sucked.  There was apparently an ‘ed’ them to it, but not at all related to any of the Eds clued other than the name Ed.  For example, 23A: Be willing to apprehend Mr. Bradley at any cost? (WANT ED DEAD OR ALIVE).  Here’s the thing, Ed Bradley was on 60 Minutes.  Who is so upset at that show that they’re trying to apprehend Ed “dead or alive”.  That seems crazy.  If it were WANT OSAMA DEAD OR ALIVE, we’d be all over it.  But this doesn’t make sense!  How about 103A: Perform brain surgery on Mr. Begley? (TOUCH ED IN THE HEAD).  Ed Begley was in Pineapple Express.  Does he have a brain tumor?  This is just very confusing…


  • It was easy, so we felt good about ourselves!
  • 2D: “U.S. president whose mother’s first name was Stanley” We had the fourth letter as an M and immediately went with ADAMS.  Later, when we discovered the first letter was an O, Eric said exasperatedly, “What the heck president starts with an O??”  For those of you who still don’t know, that would be our current president. Life: 1, ericandabbie: 0. 

    Shown above: Speaker of the House, John Boehner

  • 10A: “Pirates’ home” (PNC PARK) It will always be Three River Stadium.
  • 28A: “Oh, baloney!” (PSHAW).  Yup.
  • 100A: “Pool organism” (ALGA).  Just the one.  You can’t see it, but it’s there.
  • 35D: “Noted John Boehner feature” (TAN).  We tried ORANGE SKIN and OOMPA-LOOMPA before settling on TAN.  Seriously, how has an aide not told him to ease up on the cancer box?


  • Publishing this puzzle.
  • 80A: “Montaigne work” (ESSAI).  We were confused because we live in America.  Fuck France.

    Learn to spell, dumb baby.

  • 85A: “Act of coming out” (EMERSION).  So, Abbie got this because apparently an ‘i’ means going in, and an ‘e’ means coming out in Latin (and with that we salute you, RFs… you know what it means…), thus immersion is going in and emersion is coming out.  However, Eric played his first ever gay softball game today, and, well, we had DECLOSETIZATION for a while.  It’s in the gay dictionary, don’t worry about it.
  • 70A: “___ Carter III” (THA).  Technically not Will Shortz’s mistake, but someone needs to pay for misspelling the most common word in the English language.
  • 130A: “Star Alliance member” (AIR CANADA) We were pumped about an intergalactic showdown.  Biggest letdown answer ever.  Canada!?  Really!?
  • 114A: “Military march” (ETAPE).  We guessed and got it right.  Then we Googled it intensely for like, I donno, 20 seconds, and an “etape” is definitely not a military march.  It is, however, supplies issued to troops during a march and, more interestingly, a Russian stockade used to hold prisonerswhile they are in transport.  In America, we use handcuffs, but whatevs.

    See?!? You suck, Will!

  • 55D: “Greece to Greeks” (ELLAS).  Correction, EΛΛAΣ.  In English, this is transliterated as Hellas.  However, the former would have caused trouble with the cross 71A: “Smallest member of the European Union” (MAΛTA).
  • 19D: “One side’s retort to ‘No, you don’t’” (YES WE DO).  First off, why not just say “retort to…”, what is this “one side’s” bullshit.  Secondly, stupid answer, who gets into this argument in the plural?  One kid says to the other “No you don’t” and the other replies “Yes I do.”  Why are twenty children being allowed to fight like this on the playground?  Where are the teachers?  And why are we glorifying a shitty school with shitty discipline with shitty clues in a shitty puzzle‼?  This is what’s wrong with America… it begins with you, Will Shortz.

An actual conversation that just happened…
Eric: I hope Will Shortz knows that we actually really enjoy doing the puzzles and we like him.
Abbie: I don’t.  I hope he reads this and cries.
Eric: Yeah… Lickspittle.


Have a chock-a-block week,


5 Responses to “For Your Edification (03-06-2011)”

  1. Hey readers,

    After having read this post, you were probably thinking to yourselves, “where the heck was John? I guess he was to busy being somewhere else in the country to care.”. Well guess what, I did puzzle with Eric and Abbie today, but they forgot to include my insights in their post (big eff-ing surprise, especially considering that I bought Eric a complicated, and expensive, blended cream Starbucks drink).

    Literally within seconds of arriving, I helped avoid certain doom when Eric wanted to put “TCAR” in for 54 down, instead of “TBAR.”. Silly Eric.

    I also agree 100% that since no-one gives a rat’s ass about the Pittsburgh Pirates–sorry Pittsburgh (not really)–they should not have been included in this puzzle. Also the theme was dumb. Really dumb. Can you challenge us a little bit more next time Will? Also (and I think I’m in agreement with Eric and Abbie here), kudos to the magazine editor for picking the most atrocious font possible for the crossword page. Next time why don’t you use hot pink font and Comic Sans? How’s that for some snarky-ness.

    See you next week.

    Hugs and kisses,


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  3. I had to lol while Googling ‘etape’ and one of the results was that ericandabby had already done so! Love you two!

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