Bargaining (02-13-2011)

Another late post.  Our bad.  Consider it a Valentine’s Day present.  You are so fucking welcome.  On that note we’d like to specifically shout-out 95A: “To be, to Augustus” (ESSE) and wish a Felicem Diem Valentinus to our Roman Fetishists, who we know were just as thrilled as Abbie with that clue.  You make our job worthwhile!  To everyone else, we hope that tonight gives you a chance to 85D: “Score on a night out” (GET LUCKY).  (Note: We are not making this clue up.  Someone got paid $1000 for that clue.  What the hell have you done with your life!?)  In our first post, we mentioned the clue 22A: “Are we not joking about that yet?” (TOO SOON).  We’re sticking with that as the BEST CLUE EVER, but we have a close second in this week’s puzzle.  Overall not a great puzzle, but some chock-a-block moments.

The theme is worth clarifying since the title is totally unhelpful.  Read the title as “Bar Gaining”, and if you use your imagination you can get kinda sorta close to what the theme is.  It’s to take a typical expression (like “The Da Vinci Code”) and add the word bar to it to get 42A: “Lines on a Dan Brown best seller?” (THE DA VINCI BAR CODE).  If you’re ROFLing about the theme, you need a life.


  • 116D: “Kenan’s old partner on Nickelodeon” (KEL).  Remember the episode when they went on “The Newlywed’s” as Kenan and Kelly to win money, and the last question was to Kenan: “What is your wife’s favorite drink?” and he said “Orange Soda”, but Kel said: “No.  Kel loves Orange Soda.  But Kelly likes Root Beer.” Cuz I do.  I do, I do, I do-oo.
  • 75A: “Where dimwitted people pay to drink?” (CASH BAR FOR CLUNKERS).  Abbie: I liked it.  John: Ugh.  That’s terrible.
  • 2D: “City in Kyrgyzstan” (OSH).  So, Eric didn’t know this for sure, but the capital of Kyrgyzstan is Bishkek, so that doesn’t fit.   And the capitol of Turkmenistan is Oshgabat, so Eric surmised (SAT word) that it’s possible that “osh” means city, or something, so he guessed it, and it was right.  Abbie surmises, as a side-note, that the reason Eric is spending his Valentine’s Day blogging with Abbie at House of Pies is because of how much time he spent on Sporcle learning the above information.
  • In somewhat related news, John just said “Oh.  That’s right.  Happy Valentine’s Day.”  He apparently did not notice that we were on a sexy date wearing sexy clothes.  What a shmuck.
  • 1A: “Small reminders” (POST-ITS).  Post-Its are beer-and-skittles. 


  • 84A: “Smoothie Ingredients” (ORANGES).  Yeah.  But only if you’re having an orange smoothie.  It should have said “Ingredients in Orange Smoothies and Orange-Flavored Things.”
  • 73D: “Bruised, in a way” (ACHY).  Don’t break my heart.  My bruised-in-a-way-heart…
  • 6D: “Headwear worn over dreadlocks” (TAMS).  John: That doesn’t suck, you just didn’t know the answer.  Eric and Abbie: That’s why it sucks.  Abbie is currently on a rampage about whether the word is plural.  Also she just questioned whether it’s a technical term or something that stoned Rastafarians say.  Eric wasn’t listening.

It is 9:00, well past Eric’s bedtime.  This post has no pictures because we wrote it at House of Π which does not have WiFi.  So primitive.  Finitum.

5 Responses to “Bargaining (02-13-2011)”

  1. This was weak. Step it up guys.

  2. D_Blackwell Says:

    Guys, it kinda feels like you’re coasting on your rep, taking advantage of the weeks of cred that you’ve built up. For shame.

    I agree, the title suckity-suck-sucks.

    It also sucks that BLUSHES, TANTRIC, NOONER, SHAG, FOTO, OMG, and GET LUCKY weren’t all clued into a nice little smut story. By adding some sucking, this crossword would have rocked my world.

  3. Christopher Says:

    Mmmmmm… House of Pies. Just you wait, though: next week’s puzzle will have non-Roman characters.

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