High School Reunion (2-6-2011)

Ok guys. This week is about dedication: Abbie is in Dallas and just watched her Steelers lose in tragic fashion to Green Bay (good game, Packers. I’ll still be able to sleep tonight knowing that it wasn’t Brett Favre who won it for you), Eric’s in Florida and could only do the crossword at 8am, and Abbie forgot her computer charger and is writing this post on her BlackBerry. But we’re here for YOU even when we want to tear our hair out at the sight of a giddy Aaron Rodgers ughhhhhhh.

Anywho, this puzzle was maybe the worst thing we’ve ever seen in our lives. We needed all the recruits we could muster (aka everyone staying at my house) to help out and we STILL missed two letters. Let’s discuss:

The theme was ridiculous. It was this weird story that you had to finish the sentences of and it ended up with this awful joke and I just can’t even imagine any world in which Will Shortz decided that paying $1000 for this puzzle was ok. Next week, I’m gonna scribble on a sheet of computer paper with a crayon and send that to Will Shortz for NYT crossword consideration.

Oh , damn. Think we usually do HIGHLIGHTS first. I’m so lost without my other half. No, not Eric – the Lombardi trophy. Le sigh.


  • 65A: Michelle’s predecessor (LAURA) Eric liked this. I didn’t. Chalk it up to creative differences I guess.
  • 5D: ___ Michele of “Glee” (LEA) Omg I’m watching the Superbowl episode of Glee right now!!! Like totally fer sure zomg!!

Oh god everything sucked so bad.


  • 8A: Certain Bias (RACISM) Ummm awk? Are we calling racism just a bias now? I’m pretty sure “bias” is better used when discussing a partiality of ham over turkey or something like that. But, um, ok?
  • 43D: Space Movie Villain (HAL) I mean, sure, that’s fine but there are some WAYYYY better space movie villains to choose from: the aliens from Independence Day, those huge-brained guys from Mars Attacks!, the Earth-dooming asteroid from Armageddon. These are all better answers, obvi.

The rest was stupid. And my thumbs hurt. This keyboard is tiny. We’ll be back on a normal-sized keyboard next week.

2 Responses to “High School Reunion (2-6-2011)”

  1. D_Blackwell Says:

    I feel like you just emailed this in. I waited all week to read excuses? Bummer.

    I liked this one, but found plenty that sucked. That’s the important thing. LUNG for “Breather” is a much better entry than REST. IN QUEUE is a much better entry for “Coming up” than IN STORE. Obviously both of those should have been changed.

    (Published from a Samsung Epic.)

    (Sprint sucks too!)

    • Man, nothin gets by you! This post WAS just e-mailed in! “Writing this post on my BlackBerry” is not, as it turns out, a figure of speech. But thanks for the anticipation for the blog! We’re sorry to disappoint; it was a rough week for ericandabbie – our b.

      We had LUNG too! Its a much better answer than REST and totally should have been under MISTAKES– thanks for reminding us.

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