Letter Openers (01-23-2011)

You may notice a theme about today’s blog.  (HERE WE GO)  If you don’t know why the Steelers are making such a prominent appearance in this puzzle, then you don’t know Abbie.  (Presumably, you’re here because you have a Roman fetish.  Chock-a-block.)

This puzzle… super lame… super easy to figure out the theme (even Rex got it!).  Basically, it’s phrases that start with a letter (eg. “H-Bomb” or “O-Ring”).  Not much creativity, not much excitement, not much beeer-and-skittles.


  • 52A: “Typogrpahy Symbol” (M DASH).  OMG!!  Will Shortz reads our blog!!  We were more excited about this clue than we were about the Steelers winning.  (Note: That is entirely false.  If Abbie gave birth right now, her son’s name would be “Troy Polamalu”).
  • 6D: “Bar mitzvah party” (RABBI).  At first Eric was trying to think of a Jewish way of saying fiesta.  Turns out Will Shortz was looking for a member of the party who would be on the bimah during the ceremony.  Clever!  YAY JEWS!
  • 42D: “Group with the 2000 #1 hit “It’s Gonna Be Me” (N’SYNC).  Not their best #1 hit (in Eric and Abbie’s expert opinion), but a #1 hit none-the-less.  It just makes us rethink the age old question: NSYNC or BSB?  (There is a divided opinion among these bloggers.)
  • Us.  Because we quote Shakespeare from memory.  There were two Shakespearean quotes in today’s puzzle.  One from The Twelfth Night which Eric knew.  And the other one from Romeo and Juliet which Abbie didn’t know; but she crafted her own line and ended up with a verse of such grace and beauty that we wrote it in as if it was the original word of the Bard himself… and it was!!!  (Abbie would like to note that it took Eric about 10 minutes to craft that one sentence.  Obviously not the Bard.)
  • 32A: “Nanki-___ of “The Mikado” (POO).  Hehe.


  • 15D: “Flatten, in a way” (MAT DOWN).  We had “mow down”.  The problem with our answer is that it’s technically wrong.  The benefit of it is that it’s actually an expression that people say, unlike “mat down”.  WTF is that?  (Eric wrote that sentence while Abbie was watching Big Ben do a post-game interview.  She then read it and replied, “Yup.”)  That clue was responsible for 8 of our 15 mistakes.  Damn you, Will Shortz!
  • 92D: “Obama nickname” (NO DRAMA).  We thought the clue was asking for an actual nickname.  Apparently it was just looking for words that rhyme.  Like Abbie’s new nickname “GRAB ME”.  (Abbie was distracted by Big Ben again.  This time her response was: “Or Eric’s new nickname: [pause] Dick.”)
  • The fact that we have more highlights than mistakes.
  • We are fixing that.
  • Problem solved.

Just blah.  Not a good puzzle.  We didn’t do a good job.  Sorry we’re late.  Nothing good about today EXCEPT THE FUCKIN’ STEELERS!!!  (Abbie just patted my shoulder and said, very soothingly, “Next year.  Redskins… next year…”)  Abbie, quote, I’m a good friend, end quote.  FML.

One Response to “Letter Openers (01-23-2011)”

  1. I hate the M Dash. Long story.

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