Hope for Clear Skies (12-19-2010)

Let’s start with the title: it sucked (check-out the use of a colon!).  Then we did the puzzle, and it also sucked.  Some background… Abbie spent another weekend in Big-D (Eric cannot bring himself to mention the game yesterday at Jerry’s World… fortunately, Abbie can.  WHAT UP ‘BOYS!?)  The puzzle is a stupid architectural masterpiece involving both pictures and words and letters and dark squares and (in our version) some squares that were left blank—on purpose, we presume.

(When the clue is 47A: “Clone of an optical medium’s contents”, we’re pretty sure that you’re not even supposed to answer.)  We missed a shit-ton of letters and we came home dejected from Starbucks (where, by the way, we ate a pizza).  At Eric’s apartment we had some Astronaut Ice Cream which Eric was really excited about because Mom used to buy it for the boys at the Air and Space Museum.  Turns out, once you get past the age of seven, it blows.  That was sad.

The puzzle was describing the lunar eclipse which is happening tonight at 2:17 AM CST (give or take a few seconds).  The puzzle includes the words MOON, EARTH, and SUN in a line (JUST LIKE THE ECLIPSE‼ OMG‼).  Further, we see the light effects from the eclipse with the words BRIGHT, DIM, and DARK going towards the moon (as will be seen from the refraction of the sun’s rays around the Earth’s atmosphere—WHAT UP SCIENCE!?).  What this means for us is that there were a lot of words crammed into boxes which we would never have known except that Abbie fought for 69A: First Female US Secretary of State (ALBRIGHT).  Abbie kept insisting that the answer was ALB long after Eric had given up on Maddy.  Turned-out, nobody was right!  (And lesson learned, Eric will never give up on Maddy again.  Go RAZORBACKS!)


–    124A: Novelty Glasses (X-RAY SPEX).  Abbie got it.  She was pleased with herself.

–    153A: Pardner, say (COWPOKE).  Again, only Abbie likes this one.  And she got it.  Again…

–    34A: __ Kippur (YOM).  Too easy.  Very insulting.  Are Christian’s that dumb that we need to spell it out.?  It’s like if the clue was (The Jewish day of rest.  HINT: Not Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Sunday).  But, it’s a highlight because we’re big on Jew-themed answers!  Yay… sort of…


–    124A: Novelty Glasses (X-RAY SPEX).  Seriously, Shmabbs!?  What the hell!  The clue blows.

–    10A: Shop dresser (ADZE).  What?  Wikipedia informs us that it’s like an axe.  Oooh.  Now we… still don’t get it… A better clue would have been Folkloric Being of the Ewe People from Ghana (thanks Wikipedia).  Ohhhhh – ADZE!

–    40A: One way to stop (ON A DIME).  No.  That’s how you turn.  And Eric knows that because it’s what makes the new Jewish Cadillac so special (it can turn on a dime and pick it up).  Also, why did the Jews wander for 40 years?  Moses dropped a quarter.

–    107D: One of the Brontës (ANNE).  Charlotte and Emily.  And, apparently, Anne.  The problem was that we had a J in the middle of the word which led us to believe her name was IKJE.  Presumably, she was the adopted Indian sister of the Brontë clan .  (Abbie notes: “That makes sense.  Cuz, you know, British…India… you know…)  Oh, Ikje.

–    122A: Deep-dish dishes (LASAGNES).  We had ARSE PIES.  We don’t want to talk about it.

–    114A: Proust’s “___ Way” (SWANNS).  Swan has one N, you dumbas!  SWANKY also fits (and provides the K in Ikje, for those of you keeping score at home.)

–    126D: Need for KenKen (LOGIC).  Hey there, Mr. I-also-edit-the-KenKen-for-the-NY-Times.  Also, he has some KenKen books out.  That is self-pimpery and we won’t stand for any of it!

–    64D: Prepare to fight (ENARM).  Is that a word?  Google thinks it is the Spanish MCAT.  So, maybe, it’s like in order to be a Spanish doctor you have to bullfight… Yup.

We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas (including the Jews… enjoy your Chinese food).  We’ll see y’all next week.  Signing off, Eric and Abbie.

4 Responses to “Hope for Clear Skies (12-19-2010)”

  1. Ben Jedlovec Says:

    Oh my gosh how have I not seen this website before? Unbelievable, guys. Found this at 5 am while waiting for a flight, so I read this instead of sleeping. (Why did I book a 5am flight? I didn’t. here’s a crossword clue for ya: Broken part of last night’s plane, abbr. )

    Anyways, keep it up!

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