On a Roll (12-05-2010)

Sorry we’re so late in blogging.  Abbie was in BigD (again) so we postponed our puzzle-solving escapades until just now.  To start with, Abbie picked up some latkes from Katz’s (which never Kloses) and we sang the bruchot to celebrate Hanukah.  We then used God’s divine presence to (Abbie just hissed, “G-Dash-D, Eric!”) to race through the puzzle in record time… ONE HOUR AND SEVEN MINUTES… MOTHER. FUCKER.  Clearly, G-d was on our side tonight.

We had one mistake (one…fucking… mistake), which marks the second time in the last month we have come this close.  Next week, we swear, we will finish the entire puzzle.  At first, Eric thought we had everything and he ran upstairs to dry-hump his roommate in ecstacy.  (Side note, I’d like to apologize to John’s girlfriend at this time.)  When he found out that we had one wrong, Eric was mighty sad.

This week’s puzzle was a nifty little die: if you filled in the O’s in each of the blocks, it created the dot patterns on a six-sided die.  However, it looks like a cross, which for the second week in a row is super-insensitive (especially considering our latke and matzo-ball soup supper).  War on Christmas, my ass.  Anywho, we added some rays to symbolize Jesus’s love to the puzzle, but Abbie thinks the rays suck because Eric has not yet been enveloped in His love.  (PS – The cross outline is actually where you are supposed to cut out the die, and the smaller red lines are where you fold to create the box.  We will note that this is perfectly reasonable… unless you are us.)  Anyway, here’s a picture:

Jesus Loves Dice Apparently


– Basically nothing.  As Abbie put it: “We don’t finish a crossword in an hour and seven minutes because there were some good clues.”  This, while sad, is probably true.

– 83A: Part of every month (IDES).  Did you know that the Ides of March is just the 15 of March and is no more special than the Ides of April (Tax Day), the Ides of January (MLK’s BDay…ish…), and the day before the Ides of June (Flag Day).  Ides means the fifteenth (correction… it means the middle of the month-ish according to Abbie).  Anyhow, she did know this and she’s pretty stoked CUZ ROME ROCKS… WHAT UUUP!?

– 92A: It’s between green and black (OOLONG).  This is particularly good because Eric’s Hanukah gift tonight was a tea mug (Thanks, Mom!).

Will Shortz’s Mistakes

– 5D: Edsel (FLOP).  What the hell does that mean?  We are googling… brb… Googling

Or 1958… nice try John

“Edsel Flop” returned, as a first hit, “Why was the Edsel such a flop?”  Apparently, this is common knowledge.  We had no clue, but it turns that the Edsel was a sucky car, and its name is now synonymous with suckiness.  (John informs us from the couch that it was the best selling car in nineteen-oh-twelve.)

– 118D: Greek goddess whose name is one letter off from

-69D: Greek god whose name is one letter off from 118-Down.

Really!?  The answers were EOS and EROS, only one of whom is a real God.  Eos is a god with a lowercase ‘g’ at best.  A Google search for Eos returns as its first hit, “Welcome to the Evolution of Smooth.”  Take that supposed-goddess-of-dawn.

Otherwise, no mistakes, nothing to bitch about, just pretty easy and pretty boring minus the arts and crafts project that came with the puzzle.  Abbie tore apart the puzzle to make the following die:  Enjoy!

Abbie cutting out the die with a filet knife. Eric does not own scissors.

The Die. Eric doesn't have tape either.

2 Responses to “On a Roll (12-05-2010)”

  1. Christopher Says:

    Ah, memories of high school Latin:

    In March, July, October, May,
    the Ides Fall on the fifteenth day,
    the nones the seventh, and besides
    are two days less for Nones and Ides.

    Cool fact of the day: Kalends (well, kalendae) is one of the few Latin words that starts with a K, (my dictionary has one other) because they stole it from the Greeks.

  2. Ben Jedlovec Says:

    How did you not know what the Edsel was?!? EVERYONE KNOWS THAT

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