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A Shining Moment (11-28-10)

Posted in Least Bitchy on November 28, 2010 by ericandabbie

Our first crossword blog: We got started late (Abbie had to drive down from Big-D), but it was well worth the wait.  We get pretty pumped anytime we get more than 75% of the puzzle right and downright ecstatic if we have fewer than 5 mistakes; the grand total of missed squares this week: 2. That’s right, we got 434/436 (Eric counted) letters correct. In the words of 116A, “YAY ME!” Well, us. But whatever. John joined us for most of the puzzle and it took less than two hours which we assume is probably equal to Rex (and by equal, we mean about 1.5 hrs more).

This week’s theme was two fold: a number of the answers focused on THE TREE LIGHTING CEREMONY in ROCKEFELLER CENTER on THE WEDNESDAY AFTER THANKSGIVING (in the words of 148A, 15D, 3D, and 5D).  Secondly, 16 squares had the word ON in them.  These squares represented Christmas lights that were turned on.  Oh. Em. Gee.


  • Rex gave this puzzle a “Challenging” label which means we were even more awesome this week than usual. No surprises there.
  • IT WAS A CHRISTMAS TREE! (which is super-insensitive, obvi)
  • THE “ON”S WERE LIGHTS!  (See masterpiece.)

WTF why is there a light down there??

  • 22A: “Are we not joking about that yet?” (TOO SOON).  BEST.  CLUE.  EVER.
  • 145D: “It was wrapped around the Forum” (TOGA).  We were trying to figure out what kind of ribbon used to be wrapped all the way around the Forum.  This led us to wonder how much ribbon was available in Ancient Rome.  Toga works better.

    Sexy-ass Mocha

  • Today’s stellar Starbucks employee made Eric’s raspberry mocha not once, but twice because he decided “it was not pretty enough” the first time. His hard work paid off – look at this beautimous creation!


No actual mistakes, but…

  • 98A: Who the F!@# is RAJIV Ghandi!?  There’s Mohatma and Indira.  The End.  F!@# you Mr. I-was-the-7th-Prime-Minister-of-India.
  • 23A: “Sounded sheepish?”  We were convinced the answer was BAAAAAED.  BLEATED also fits, but sucks.
  • 111D: “Blogger, eg.” As a pair of professional bloggers, we think NETIZEN is a crappy answer.  “ERIC” or “ABBIE” would have worked better.
  • 97D: Who the hell spells AMEBA without the ‘O’!?  (Note: We checked, and apparently the answer is Americans do.  Damnit.)
Honestly, we’re disappointed with the lack of bitchiness in this post.  This was a damn good puzzle.  Kudos to you, Jeremy Newton.  Will Shortz, you are on notice for next week.